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Super Farm and Pickup Classes

Both Super Farm and Pickup classes are selected annually for the sole purpose of entertaining the viewing public. The Ocala Truck and Tractor pull is not a sanctioned event. The annual charity pull is staged along with garden tractor, minirods, and antique tractors. The pre-show starts at 4:00 p.m. with the main event entering stage at 7:00 p.m. Each year different class of pick ups are chosen to compliment the Super Farm class. Pay out is given only to the first ten places. additional entries will be limited.

Those classes not included in the current year will be able to pull, but will not be considered for pay back.

Pay out classed for 2013 pull include

  1. Super Farm tractors
  2. Diesel 4 WD pickups
  3. Gas 4 WD Pickups
  4. V-8 Tractors

Any Questions regarding eligibility should be addressed to M.D. Lokai, President/Show Coordinator, Ocala Truck and Tractor Pull (352)843-0146