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Farm Tractor Rules

1) Pulling Classes
      a) Stock Antique - Tractors Manufactured ( 1935 - 1959 )
      b) Super Antique - Tractors Manufactured ( 1935 - 1959 )
      c) Open Gear
      d) Stock Farm - Tractors Manufactured ( 1960 - Present )
      e) Modified Farm - Tractors Manufactured (1960 - Present )
      f) Open Gear

2) No Alcohol Permitted ( Family Event )

3) Machinery must be safe and in good working order.

4) All pullers will pay gate entry that will be credited upon registration.

5) The following will result in disqualification:

      a) Un-sportsman like conduct
      b) Alcohol Abuse
      c) Cross boundary on pull
      d) Rough sled start
      e) reckless driving
      f) Fallen objects
      g) Excessive fluid loss
      h) Any other incident deemed necessary by track officials

6) Pullers under 18 years of age must have parent or guardian signature to participate

7) Draw Bar Measurements
      a) 20 inch maximum height
      b) Stationary
      c) ¾ inch thickness
      d) 18 inch minimum from center of rear axle to back of ring
      e) Measurement from either top of draw bar or top of horizontal ring

8) Registration onsite only ( no pre-registration )

9) Gasoline, Diesel or LP fuel only

10) Must have working brakes, kill switch and wheel bars recommended for stock antique

11) Factory T/A, multi-power Turbos permitted

12) No dual wheels or 4x4’s

13) Stock antique and stock farm must maintain “ out of field “ appearance

14) Tractor and rider will weigh and measure ring immediately before pull order Farm Tractor Rules

15) Weight allowance is the weight of the class ( no over allowance )

16) All pullers must sign release, attend driver’s meeting and retain copy of class registration

17) Operations decisions by track officials are final

18) Protest fee of $100.00 paid at time of complaint:
      a) Protestor will be examined first
      b) If complaint is found invalid, $100.00 goes to person filed on
      c) Protestor must be in same class

19) Trophies will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place after each class to be picked up at registration desk. No awards will be mailed!

20) All weights must be secured


New in 2015

King of the Hill
4,500 & 6,000

  1. Will be run concurrent with Super Antique Class
  2. $15.00 Hoof fee (payable at registration) in Reception Hall
  3. Entry into KOH additional fee
  4. Guarantee $300/Class plus added money
  5. Only enter 4500 or 6000 not both
  6. Hook fee paid at Registration
  7. KOH entry fee and purse money handled by Randy Pontel
  8. Both events will take place on Lane 3
  9. Speed limit 6 mph
  10. Non participating Super Antique Pullers will pull in the same class, but will not receive purse money.
  11. Pull Order will be the reversed Friday/Saturday. (Check for details of the order on www.Ocalatractorpull.com)